didima | art director

The Women of Rokkan


Starting out in a professional career is hard. Rising in advertising is hard. And sadly, for a lot of women it is still even harder. For International Women's Month, the women of Rokkan came together to share some pieces of advice they wish their younger selves knew when they were starting their careers. We collected them, designed them and later shared them with the whole (social) world. So they can help and inspire the talented and smart women of the next generation in advertising.


Here you can find all the wise advice from all the amazing women I work with.

Here is mine:

“Siéntete orgullosa de ser diferente. Todo lo que te hace diferente, también hace tus ideas diferentes. Algo que ésta industria necesita cada día más. Oh, y no pierdas el tiempo estudiando Quark!”

(Feel proud of being different. Everything that makes you different, makes your ideas different too. Something that this industry needs more every day. Oh, and don't waste your time studying Quark!)

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